The Tomorrow Project
Youth - Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow


I'm on an exciting mission! The avenue in which this mission is to be accomplished is not yet clear. What is clear, however, is the foster, revive, and enhance within each school-aged child that innate desire to succeed, to simply do his best, refusing to settle for anything less.

Our children are dying mentally, spiritually, socially and academically. They are dying with free books, free lunches, and free rides. They have become clock watchers! They have become walking cadavers, living simply in the "HERE AND NOW." Too many of our children have taken on the demeanor of that proverbial grasshopper. During the winter months, many perish due to a lack of preparation. So shall it be when the winter of today's children come. Thus, the theme for this movement, I AM TOMORROW, is born.

Everything that has happened to me, up to this point, has served as a base of preparation for this undertaking. The valleys in my life have been many, the mountain tops few. But through it all, I have learned to depend upon that Spirit which dwells within. Whatever the problem, I've learned to count it all joy. True growth, real maturity is born not on the mountain tops, but in the valleys of life.

What I want to accomplish, I can not do alone. I need sponsors! I need individuals and corporations who will use their resources to clear a pathway by which I may enter into the various schools around the country to speak to the masses. My quest is to have people of means to sponsor indigent schools in or out of their areas. Upon speaking to a particular school, it is my desire to leave a TOMORROW T-SHIRT in every students' hand and the inscribed words in their hearts.

I recognize what this idea represents - a new seed. Seeds are given new life in fertile soil. For me, you are that fertile soil. I look forward to hearing from you as I hope you too can envision my dream.

Respectfully yours,

Min. Milton Graves, III

To all proud Americans, become a part of history today. Go to and type in mgraves49 and click on BARACK. After listening to this epic tribute, please pass it on your family and FACEBOOK friends.

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